What to consider when outsourcing your design work

April 22, 2024
9 minute read
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Outsourcing design work is like walking through a mall. If you don't see the connection yet, you will.

Imagine you're strolling through a bustling shopping mall. You pass by a store window, and something catches your eye. It's not the store's name or the products on display but the stunning visual that instantly grabs your attention. You're drawn in, compelled to explore further.

In today's competitive world, capturing your target audience's attention is a fierce race, and you're not the only one in it. Your competition is vying for that precious attention, too. Your design must be compelling and eye-catching to rise above the rest - like the shopping mall store window.

Exceptional visuals play an important role in any marketing communication strategy. Your audience might not remember every word from a blog post or a social media update, but they'll likely recall:

  • Images
  • Colors
  • Visual appeal

Research suggests that people remember 20% of what they read but retain 80% of visual information. That is a powerful advantage in the battle for attention.

Compelling graphic design is a sophisticated blend of human visual perception and psychology. It's the art of attracting your audience and keeping them engaged.

But can you achieve results when you outsource your graphic design needs? And when you are ready to outsource, what should you look for?

Let's explore graphic design outsourcing. It could avoid future design pickles and elevate your design projects.

Outsourcing graphic design work

Outsourcing is a time-honored practice that has evolved into a flourishing trend with the rise of the internet. You can build your dream team of designers assembled from the best talents globally, and it doesn't need to be an in-house graphic or full-time design team.

Hiring an in-house design team has different design project challenges to overcome than remote teams. But, working with a design team remotely has very clear benefits.

Your team is ready to provide you with premium professional graphic design services that meet and exceed your expectations.

And they are all at a fair price that flexes to accommodate your ever-evolving design needs, such as an on-demand graphic design service.

Outsourcing graphic design may initially raise an eyebrow or two, perhaps met with skepticism. The concept warrants a closer look; you'll discover many benefits.

While it's natural to question the unknown, the advantages of outsourcing graphic design services far outweigh the initial challenges. These challenges often prove to be stepping stones to creative excellence and efficiency.

So, why should you be outsourcing design projects?

Unleashing the advantages of creative service outsourcing

Outsourcing becomes your strategy when collaborating with a design agency dedicated to excellence and top-tier creations.

Here's what outsourcing your design to an experienced and professional team looks like.

An efficiency boost

Infusing graphic design into your marketing initiatives can swiftly become a time-consuming task. While forming an in-house team is a possibility, it entails a significant investments in:

  • Time
  • Recruitment
  • Management
  • Training

But outsourcing liberates your time so you can focus on growing your business. You can also oversee the design process from afar to maintain productivity and efficiency.

Cost-Effective Solutions

The economic appeal of outsourcing extends far beyond time efficiency. Outsourcing emerges as a notably cost-effective alternative when weighed against the costs of establishing an in-house design unit.

It can yield substantial savings, potentially reducing operational expenses by up to 60% - especially when you need graphic design files continuously.

Outsourcing alleviates additional financial obligations such as:

  • healthcare benefits
  • paid time off
  • insurance benefits

It's an enticing proposition that brings you affordability and impeccable quality. But apart from these cost savings, many outsourcing design services provide options for unlimited graphic design services for a set cost.

That means you will receive the right design solution for any design tasks.

Unlimited service are great. You only need to submit a design request, which is put into a design queue, and await your deliverables.

  • Deliverables can include:
  • Marketing design visuals
  • Logo design
  • Brand identity design components
  • App design

On top of this, the team you hire for an unlimited design service will be proficient in different types of graphic design and styles. You will get great design work from professionals using top-tier design tools at a fraction of the cost of an in-house graphic designer.

Do you see why a design project with outsourced designers on hand will boost your business?

Outsourcing can save you a significant amount of money.

Amplified Work Capacity

Outsourcing takes center stage even for companies with internal design teams when workloads surge.

In such moments, the adaptability of an outsourced team will reduce stress and become invaluable. The outsourced team seamlessly shoulders the additional load, augmenting your capacity to tackle multiple design projects while ensuring punctual delivery.

New Perspectives

Over time, you and your in-house team may have fine-tuned a systematic approach to graphic design. While consistency merits upholding standardized designs, it can inadvertently affect innovation.

In this aspect, outsourcing breathes fresh vitality into your creative ventures. By inviting external graphic designers, you welcome new perspectives that do not affect your established conventions.

New perspectives are extremely beneficial and achievable when exploring offshore outsourcing.

For instance, imagine a US-based business seeking to expand its market presence in the UK. Instead of adhering solely to local design conventions, they outsource to a London-based design agency, Tenscope.

We then introduce a European perspective unaffected by the confines of US culture.

The result?

A marketing campaign that seamlessly resonates with international audiences.

Looking for a global design to appeal to as many people as possible? The best outsourcing process would be to hire a team of multiple freelance graphic designers with diverse perspectives.

The benefits of outsourcing your design work are clear, but what about the downfalls?

Are there any downfalls with outsourcing design work?

There are indeed a few downfalls when outsourcing. You must consider multiple factors for your outsourced work to benefit your business.

Let's see what is most important, which could negatively affect your project success when outsourcing.

Finding the Ideal Design Partner

Numerous freelancers, outsourcing companies, and agencies offer on-demand design outsourcing services.

Finding a reliable partner tailored to your specific design needs can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack.

Giving your design brief to any freelancer or online outsourcing vendor might lead to unexpected pitfalls. However, meticulous research helps you overcome this challenge.

Before hiring, look into credentials, portfolios, and client reviews of potential partners. Scrutinize outsourcing contracts to establish clear terms and expectations.

On the bright side, once you identify the right agency, you gain access to a wealth of vetted designers.

Mastering Remote Communication

With in-house teams, a stroll down the office hall lets you discuss ongoing projects with your designers. However, this dynamic shifts when collaborating with outsourced designers who often work remotely.

The absence of in-person communication can initially appear as a hurdle. However, it will no longer be an issue with planned meetings and clear communication guidelines.

Reach a consensus with your outsourcing agency regarding the flexibility you desire in your online interactions. You can opt for regular daily or weekly calls to ensure a steady flow of information. Additionally, integrating project management tools into your workflow offers a means to monitor and track project progress while on the go effortlessly.

Mastering Remote Communication - Real-World Example

Imagine a thriving US-based e-commerce company looking to expand its market reach to Europe. They decided to outsource their web design needs to a highly-regarded design agency based in London to tap into this new market.

Initially, concerns arose regarding the physical distance and potential communication barriers. However, both parties proactively set up a structured communication plan with regular video conferences and project management tools. As a result, the collaboration was a success.

The US company benefits from fresh design perspectives influenced by European aesthetics, leading to a website that resonates with the European audience.

This real-world example showcases how adept communication strategies can transform potential challenges into opportunities for growth.

Optimizing Design Outsourcing

The path to successful design outsourcing is about more than delegation.

Like managing an in-house team, effective communication and establishing clear objectives ensure your outsourced workforce is efficient and on task.

Before commencing any project, invest the time to ensure alignment between you and your outsourced team. It begins with outlining your design goals in a thorough brief. The brief sets clear expectations and serves as a compass guiding the outsourced team toward your design vision.

Your design brief should include critical details such as the project scope and overarching branding guidelines. You can further expedite the process by equipping your outsourced team with the necessary materials from the project's inception.

Providing assets like approved photos, brand logos, preferred fonts and colors, and design references streamlines their workflow and minimizes friction during the design process.

Lastly, establish robust communication channels and integrate project management tools from the outset. Effective two-way communication is key to successful design outsourcing.

Project management tools facilitate efficient oversight so you can manage tasks and projects precisely.

All the above is great for remote work with an outsourced design team, but choosing a design provider is the biggest hurdle.

To help you make an informed decision about choosing an outsourced design team - let's cover in detail what you should look for and compare it to a freelancer.

Outsourcing designs to a business vs a freelancer

When considering design outsourcing, you have a fundamental choice: should you collaborate with a design team or opt for a freelance designer?

Both options have merits, but your decision should align with your project requirements and goals.

Let's see the nuances of each and, subsequently, break down the crucial factors to evaluate before making your selection.

Choosing Between a Design Team and a Freelancer

Below are the pros and cons of outsourcing to a design team.


  1. Diverse Skill Sets: Design teams often comprise individuals with various specializations, such as graphic design, web design, and user experience (UX) design. This diversity can be advantageous for multifaceted projects.
  2. Collective Expertise: You can access a collective pool of expertise and problem-solving skills with a team. They can brainstorm and collaborate to find innovative solutions.
  3. Reliability: Teams tend to have structured workflows and can handle larger workloads, ensuring timely delivery of projects.


  1. Higher Cost: Design teams typically charge higher rates compared to freelancers due to the collective expertise they offer.
  2. Less Personalized: With a team, you might interact less directly with individual designers, potentially leading to a slightly less personalized experience.

Now, let's see the pros and cons of working with a freelancer.


  1. Cost-Efficiency: Freelancers often have lower hourly rates than design teams, making them a cost-effective choice for smaller projects or businesses with budget constraints.
  2. Direct Communication: You'll have direct, one-on-one communication with the freelancer, which can lead to a more personalized experience and quicker decision-making.
  3. Flexibility: Freelancers can adapt to your project's unique needs and timeline, offering greater flexibility.


  1. Limited Skill Set: Freelancers may specialize in one area of design, so if your project requires diverse skills, you might need to hire multiple freelancers.
  2. Workload Challenges: Managing freelancers for larger projects can be complex, as they might have limited capacity.

What to Consider When Choosing: Design Team vs. Freelancer

Choosing between these two service providers is hard. But when you consider the following, the task becomes simple.

Here's what to consider for an informed design team decision.

1. Portfolio Diversity: Review the team's portfolio to ensure they have experience in the specific design areas relevant to your project.

2. References and Reviews: Seek references or read reviews from past clients to gauge the team's reliability and quality of work.

3. Work Process: Inquire about their workflow and communication procedures to ensure they align with your project management style.

4. Capacity: Assess whether the team can meet your project deadlines.

And here's what to look for when considering a freelancer.

1. Portfolio Focus: Examine the freelancer's portfolio to verify their expertise aligns with your project's requirements.

2. References and Recommendations: Request references or recommendations from previous clients to assess their work ethic and reliability.

3. Availability: Confirm the freelancer's availability and capacity to handle your project within your desired timeframe.

4. Communication: Discuss communication preferences and frequency to ensure seamless collaboration.

5. Contract Terms: Review contract terms, including payment structure, milestones, and intellectual property rights, to prevent misunderstandings.


Outsourcing design tasks has become popular because it saves time and money and has multiple benefits.

When deciding between a design team and a freelancer, weigh the pros and cons heavily.

Working with our design team offers a competitive advantage. Our diverse expertise, proven excellence, seamless collaboration, and reliable capacity make us the ideal choice.

We will understand your project requirements and ensure top-notch results, turning your vision into compelling visuals that resonate with your audience.

Want to work with us to outsource your design needs? Click the yellow get started button at the top right of your screen to book a consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is outsourcing in design?

Outsourcing design is hiring external agencies or freelancers to complete design-related tasks or projects that would otherwise be handled in-house. It can provide cost savings and access to specialized resources and expertise.

Can a graphic designer be outsourced?

Yes, a graphic designer can be outsourced. With the right design services company, businesses can benefit from faster project turnaround times and improved communication.

Can you outsource product design?

Yes, you can outsource product design. It's an efficient way to scale your business, speed up project launches, and gain access to specialized skill sets.

What are the benefits of outsourcing design tasks?

Outsourcing provides access to experienced professionals, cost savings, and increased creativity, making it an attractive option for businesses.

How can I ensure quality and consistency in my outsourced design work?

Ensuring quality and consistency in outsourced design work requires providing clear brand guidelines, implementing a review process, and encouraging feedback and iteration.

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