The Jovy Journey: Redefining
e-commerce with a distinct brand and consumer-centric platform

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We partnered with Jovy, an e-commerce platform, to revolutionize the shopping experience for small merchants. Jovy had set out to craft a user-centric e-commerce platform which would let small business owners import their data seamlessly from other platforms, and then scale easily as they grew.


Our collaboration with Jovy yielded substantial improvements. Notably, user conversion rates on Jovy's website witnessed a marked increase. We accomplished this by delivering a more streamlined, user-friendly platform. Our work encompassed rebranding, web presence redesign, and optimizing the admin application's UI and flows. Extensive research and UI/UX testing were conducted for new features, with interactive prototyping. We also ensured optimal performance on mobile devices and developed UI designs for frontend themes and widgets, effectively reshaping the Jovy experience.


The most significant impact of our collaboration with Jovy is the element of speed. Our rapid design testing and iterative approach allowed us to quickly comprehend feature intricacies and user needs. We empowered Jovy to provide unparalleled value to their clients, reducing setup times and associated costs. Our collaboration not only enhanced their brand but also set new standards in ecommerce, emphasizing our dedication to driving rapid, effective, and user-centric innovation in the digital realm.


  • New end-to-end e-commerce platform.

  • Scalable solution for small online merchants.

  • Modular and fully-flexible, templated approach.

  • AI-powered efficiency for online operations.


Elevating small merchant e-commerce

  • Design a scalable e-commerce platform.

  • Create an engaging brand identity.

  • Develop an engaging website.

  • Craft an intuitive user experience.

Product Design

Our Process

Jovy played a central role in our collaborative journey, with our process revolving around understanding their user pain points. We conducted meticulous research to uncover their challenges and create a foundation for smoother user experiences. Our goal was to enhance Jovy's journey, making it more efficient.

Once we had a clear roadmap, we delved into the design phase, creating tailored wireframes and prototypes. Rigorous testing guided us in refining our designs. Post-testing, we transitioned into development, ensuring seamless integration and resolving potential technical limitations.

After release, our journey continued with ongoing monitoring of usability metrics and proactive issue resolution. Our work with Jovy was marked by dynamic problem-solving and a commitment to their success at every step.

Platform Features

Jovy is a comprehensive e-commerce solution, offering a complete array of essential features for modern online retail.

From seamless inventory management to robust payment processing and intuitive customer experience enhancements, platform provides all the tools necessary for successful e-commerce operations.

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Platform Features

We assisted Jovy in a significant overhaul of their variable product creation process, making it more efficient and straightforward. Variable products are like a bundle of related items, such as different colors or sizes of the same product. To improve and simplify the flow, we restructured the way users add and manage these variable products, making it easier for them to set up and maintain their online shops. This not only enhanced user experience but also reduced the time and effort required, resulting in a more user-friendly and productive environment for Jovy's customers.

Platform Features

One standout feature we streamlined for Jovy is the Product Customizer, a tool that empowers users to personalize their purchases, from t-shirts to mugs and caps. When customers hit the "customize" button, an editor modal opens, allowing them to effortlessly add and position their chosen graphics or text within predefined safe areas set in the admin application. We played a pivotal role in enhancing this process, both on the admin app's back end and the front end of the customer's website or store. By refining this feature, we made it more intuitive and efficient, ensuring that users could easily personalize their products, driving user engagement and satisfaction, and ultimately contributing to increased sales and conversion rates.

Page Builder

In the world of online businesses, Jovy's Page Builder is a real game-changer. It's like an easy-to-use tool that helps users create and design their own web pages. They can pick different parts, like text or images, and move them around like building blocks. Plus, they can change the colors to match their brand. Our part in all of this was pretty important. We didn't just design the Page Builder; we helped come up with the idea and did some serious thinking and research. We worked closely with Jovy to make sure it's something people would like and find easy to use. The result? A Page Builder that's not just good-looking but also super simple to make your web pages look just the way you want.

Order Management

Our Order Dashboard is a valuable tool that simplifies order management for users. It displays all active orders, making it easy to keep track of those that require immediate attention. This includes orders in progress and those that may be backordered or drop shipped. Our focus was on creating an intuitive and user-friendly design that is optimized for all devices, whether you're using a desktop computer or a mobile device. This means you can efficiently manage orders from anywhere, ensuring a seamless and convenient experience. It's about providing users with a clear, accessible overview of their orders, making it easier for them to prioritize and take swift action, regardless of the device they're using.

This project was a thrilling journey of innovation! The client's enthusiasm for new ideas pushed us to experiment with unique design approaches. Initially, balancing what was technically feasible with what users wanted was challenging. However, by mapping the user journey, we found a way to simplify the experience significantly. This project highlighted the critical importance of holistic design thinking for us. Throughout the process, the Jovy's open communication made every iteration smooth and productive. We are thrilled to see this product make a real difference in the market thanks to our collaborative efforts!

Aleksandar Majstorovic
Senior Product Designer
Tenscope - Aleksandar Majstorovic


Jovy's journey to success was driven by their unwavering commitment to enhance the user experience for their customers. Before our partnership, they faced challenges in terms of conversion rates, accessibility metrics, and user satisfaction. The road ahead seemed daunting, but with Jovy as the trailblazer, we embarked on a transformative mission.

One of the pivotal changes was the remarkable surge in conversion rates. Before our collaboration, this metric had raised concerns, but with our focused efforts on optimizing user flows, the results were truly outstanding. User satisfaction also witnessed a remarkable uptick, as reflected in their impressive scores. Users not only found the platform more appealing but also more user-friendly. This boost in user satisfaction naturally led to higher user retention figures. The platform became more inviting and engaging, resulting in a larger user base. Accessibility metrics were transformed as well, making the platform more inclusive and compliant with accessibility standards.

Our contributions in rebranding and web presentation played a pivotal role in positioning Jovy as a formidable player in the ecommerce field. They stood shoulder to shoulder with industry leaders, showcasing a remarkable transformation. The stars of this narrative are undoubtedly Jovy, whose dedication to improvement, combined with our data-driven and user-centric approach, paved the way for this remarkable success story.

In essence, Jovy's journey embodies the power of collaboration, commitment to user experience, and the positive impact of data-driven design. This journey showcases how a dedicated partner can empower a brand to reach new heights and make a profound impact in a competitive digital landscape.

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