Tenscope - Boris
Tenscope - Goran Dimitrijevic
Tenscope -  Ognjen Milutinovic
Tenscope - Jovan Babovic
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Tenscope - Aleksandar Majstorovic
Tenscope - Bogdan Stefanovic

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“I have felt that they are a partner to us in the work we’re trying to get done versus an ad-hoc consultant that we need whenever.”

Betsy Weissman
CMO at HubSync

“Tenscope helped us with our UI/UX work, creating an intuitive user interface that fit our needs on a quick turnaround.”

Brian Casey
CEO, Harmonic AI

“Tenscope helped us on several projects from logo design to posters for the office. In all cases they delivered terrific designs, were a pleasure to deal with, and were always highly dependable.

Eli Portnoy
Founder, Sense360

I definitely recommend Tenscope. It's been really nice working with the team simply because we finally found a designer that we like working with. We love their designs.

James Rose
Co-Founder at Content Snare

“They have made the process of working with creatives as simple and as seamless as humanly possible.”

John De Marco
Founder, Jovy

“We had a great experience working with the Tenscope team. We leaned on their design expertise for both visual designs and user workflow recommendations throughout our products.”

Ciara Kennedy
SVP, Product at VistarMedia

“I've worked with several designers as a manager in two different agencies. Tenscope is one of the most impressive design agencies I've ever worked with.

Tor Magnus Koflaath
Chairman, Inbound
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