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We tackled MessageDesk's search and onboarding challenges. Users struggled to find information and navigate the platform. We designed intuitive search options and an engaging onboarding experience to streamline workflows, boost user engagement, and educate new users.


Our user-centered approach led to innovative design solutions. We created a more intuitive and prominent search bar, added search suggestions, and developed capabilities to search across multiple elements. In addition, we introduced a gamified onboarding process using animated buttons to encourage users and foster a feeling of achievement. Although still under development, these enhancements have the potential to greatly improve the user experience.


Our approach goes beyond design. Our focus on user research and prototyping ensures solutions meet user needs. Utilizing established design systems demonstrates efficiency, considering development constraints. This project showcases our expertise and collaborative spirit, empowering clients to achieve exceptional user experiences.

Enhanced Search and Onboarding for MessageDesk

MessageDesk, a leading business text messaging platform, sought to improve user experience (UX) within its app, particularly around search functionality and the onboarding process for new users. We partnered with MessageDesk to deliver innovative solutions that would streamline workflows and boost user engagement.

Understanding the Challenge

MessageDesk's initial search experience presented challenges for users. Difficulty in finding specific information and a lack of intuitive search options led to frustration and hindered user efficiency. Additionally, the onboarding process, while functional, did not effectively guide new users through platform features and benefits. We identified the need for a more user-friendly search function and a captivating onboarding experience that would educate and motivate new users.

A Collaborative Design Process

Our design process for MessageDesk embodied a user-centered approach that emphasized collaboration and user research. While MessageDesk had conducted initial user research, Tenscope took it a step further. They delved deeper, focusing on laying out the information architecture for the search functionalities. This meticulous approach involved breaking down user journeys and search flows into granular detail. Each user journey, from finding a specific contact to filtering conversations by date sent, was meticulously mapped out. This comprehensive understanding of user needs ultimately led to the development of intuitive and user-friendly search options that addressed the specific pain points identified during the research phase.

Prototyping played a pivotal role throughout the design process. Tenscope created prototypes for each distinct search flow, allowing for user testing and iterative refinement of the design solutions.  This ensured the final search experience would be not only powerful but also easy to use for all MessageDesk users. Recognizing the importance of development feasibility and aligning with MessageDesk's resources, Tenscope strategically leveraged Material Design, a popular design system. This efficient approach provided a strong foundation for the design solutions while streamlining the development process. Material Design's out-of-the-box functionalities,  like familiar button styles and clear layouts,  contributed to the overall user-friendliness of the final design.

Leveraging Design Systems and Efficiency

Recognizing the importance of development feasibility, we strategically leveraged Material Design, a popular design system. This efficient approach provided a strong foundation for the design solutions while aligning with MessageDesk's development resources.

Intuitive Search Function

The redesigned search functionality ensured a familiar and intuitive user experience. A prominently placed search bar encouraged users to actively utilize the search function. Predictive search suggestions were also a potential feature, aiding users in refining their searches as they typed.

We proposed features like the ability to search across various message elements and filter results by specific criteria. This comprehensive search experience empowered users to quickly find the information they needed within the platform.

Gamified Onboarding with Animated Progress Indicators

We designed a gamified onboarding experience to motivate users and streamline the setup process. This approach utilized subtle animations within key buttons throughout the onboarding flow. As users completed actions, such as adding a phone number or inviting teammates, these buttons would animate, providing positive reinforcement and visually guiding users towards the next step. This engaging approach not only increased user motivation but also fostered a sense of accomplishment as users progressed through the onboarding journey.

A Look Towards the Future

While MessageDesk is still in the development phase for these features, our design solutions hold significant promise for improving the user experience within the MessageDesk platform. The redesigned search functionality has the potential to increase search efficiency and reduce user frustration. The gamified onboarding experience has the potential to boost user engagement and increase user satisfaction.

A User-Centered Approach

Our design process for MessageDesk exemplifies the firm's commitment to user-centered design. The focus on information architecture, user research, and prototyping demonstrates our dedication to creating solutions that meet the specific needs of its clients' users. Additionally, the decision to leverage established design systems and prioritize usability highlights our ability to deliver efficient and effective design solutions within project constraints.

MessageDesk was great to collaborate with! Their vision for the project was crystal clear, but they were also incredibly open to our suggestions. This back-and-forth made the design process super engaging, and ultimately led to features that perfectly hit the mark for their goals.

Bogdan Stefanovic
UX Designer
Tenscope - Bogdan

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