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Data-Driven Brilliance: Elevating EasyVistia's brand and platform to analytics stardom 

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We teamed up with EasyVistia, a trailblazing data analytics startup, with the goal of revamping their brand and refining their platform's user experience (UI/UX). We aimed to create a compelling brand image which communicates their values while improving user engagement and simplifying the user journey through their advanced analytics platform.


Through a comprehensive redesign process, we successfully transformed EasyVistia's brand identity and platform experience. We focused on multiple aspects, including visual design, marketing strategy, user interface, and user experience. Our efforts resulted in a more intuitive and user-friendly platform that effectively showcased the distinct benefits of EasyVistia's data analytics products.


By emphasizing the unique strengths of their product, we boosted user engagement and positioned EasyVistia more prominently in a competitive market. In addition, we simplified their web interface, aiming to underscore the simplicity and user-friendliness of their advanced analytic tools. The result? An intuitive user journey that boosted user interaction and enhanced customer satisfaction.

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  • Innovative BI and analytics startup.
  • Solutions for data analytics and visualization.
  • Cloud-based, accessible anywhere and anytime.
  • Seamless integration with multiple data sources.


Revamping EasyVistia's web and mobile experience 
  • Forge a unique and compelling brand identity.
  • Boost user engagement through improved platform experiences.
  • Optimize mobile user experience, prioritizing simplicity and accessibility.
  • Enhance user interaction and customer satisfaction via seamless user journey.
  • Showcase the distinct benefits of EasyVistia's products effectively.
  • Ensure a modern, aesthetically pleasing online presence.

Tenscope has continually exceeded expectations, helping not just with the product redesign, optimizing user experience and user interaction, but with continuous monitoring and iterations.

Jeff Lewis
Founder & CEO

EasyVistia is a cloud-based data analytics platform that helps businesses consolidate and leverage their data feeds. It offers customizable dashboards and intuitive user interfaces, making data analysis a manageable and productive task. EasyVistia not only provides comprehensive data analysis capabilities but also enables users to track events, monitor progress, and optimize their data and analytics processes.

The Process


Our stakeholder interviews provided invaluable insights into EasyVistia's objectives, challenges, and user expectations, allowing us to lay a solid foundation for the design process. Additionally, by conducting competitive analysis and user surveys, we were able to identify trends in the data analytics market and gain a comprehensive understanding of user preferences and pain points. This has allowed us to develop a constructive approach to addressing these issues and creating a product that meets the needs of our users.

EasyVistia competitors analysis
EasyVistia competitors similarities
EasyVistia competitors opportunities


Through our stakeholder interviews, competitive analysis, and user surveys, we were able to gain a comprehensive understanding of our users' objectives, challenges, and expectations. This information has allowed us to develop a constructive approach to addressing pain points and creating a product that meets their needs. By focusing on these insights, we are confident in our ability to deliver a valuable and effective solution.

In the discovery phase, we conducted the following workshop exercises stakeholder interviews, developed user personas, brainstormed ideas, created paper sketches, and facilitated discussions between designers and developers. We also conducted usability testing, established a design direction, identified areas for enhancement, and analyzed user data for continuous improvement.

Workshop sessions

First Session - Understanding Business Goals and User Needs

In the initial session, we used two key exercises to gain insights:

1. Stakeholder Interviews

Through one-on-one conversations with key EasyVistia team members, we delved into their perspectives on the company's vision, business goals, and the target audience they aimed to serve. These interviews provided a direct understanding of their aspirations and paved the way for strategic design decisions.

2. User Surveys

We designed user surveys to collect feedback directly from current and potential users of the platform. By asking questions about their expectations, challenges, and preferences related to data analytics tools, we gained valuable insights into user needs and pain points. This information played a crucial role in shaping the user-centric design approach.

Second Session: Ideation and User Profiling

During the second session, we engaged in the following exercises:

1. Brainstorming Session

Collaboratively, we generated a wide range of creative ideas to enhance the user experience. By exploring concepts such as improved data visualization, interactive features, and onboarding techniques, we fostered a culture of innovation that aimed to set EasyVistia apart in the market.

EasyVistia data visualisation
EasyVistia interactive features
EasyVistia onboarding

2. User Persona Creation

We crafted user personas representing distinct user archetypes. By collaboratively defining user personas, including demographics, motivations, behaviors, and pain points, we gained a comprehensive view of the platform's potential users. These personas guided our design decisions, ensuring that the resulting platform resonated with diverse user needs.

EasyVistia persona male
32 years old
Data Analyst | San Francisco, CA

Mark is a data enthusiast with a passion for extracting insights from complex datasets. He works at a medium-sized tech company as a data analyst, where his responsibilities include generating reports, identifying trends, and presenting findings to the management team. Outside of work, Mark loves exploring the great outdoors, capturing breathtaking landscapes through his camera lens.

EasyVistia Personality

Mark enjoys diving into datasets to uncover hidden patterns and trends that can drive informed decisions.

He's interested in exploring cutting-edge data analytics tools that can simplify his analysis process.


Mark aims to streamline his data analysis process to provide more timely insights to his company.

He wants to create visually compelling data visualizations that communicate his findings to non-technical stakeholders.


Mark is motivated by the ability to uncover insights that lead to tangible improvements within his company.

Mark is driven by the recognition he receives for contributing valuable insights that drive strategic decisions.


Mark follows renowned data analysts and visualization experts on social media to stay updated with industry trends.

He's an active member of online forums and data science meetups, where he exchanges insights with peers.

Needs and Expectations

Mark expects the platform to offer user-friendly interfaces that simplify complex data analysis tasks.

He needs advanced data visualization options to create impactful charts and graphs for his presentations.

Pain points and frustrations

Mark finds it frustrating when he spends excessive time cleaning and preparing data for analysis.

He's frustrated when he can't easily extract actionable insights due to limited data visualization capabilities.

Third Session: Visual Direction and Conceptualization

In the final session, we engaged in the following exercises to shape the visual direction:

1. Visual Moodboarding

Collaboratively, we curated a visual moodboard by collecting images, color palettes, typography examples, and design references that aligned with EasyVistia's brand identity and platform ambiance. This visual guide served as a touchstone for design choices, fostering consistency and conveying the desired atmosphere.

EasyVistia visual moodboard

2. Ideation and Concept Sketching

Participants sketched preliminary design concepts on paper, visualizing potential layout arrangements and initial ideas for user interactions. By translating thoughts into sketches, we conceptualized the platform's interface, sparking productive discussions and providing a basis for iterative design refinement.


EasyVistia aims to establish itself as a user-friendly analytics platform catering to both data experts and beginners with seamless data integration. Users appreciate the analytical capabilities but want a more intuitive interface and improved visualization tools. Competitive analysis highlighted a unique positioning opportunity in the market.

Collaborative brainstorming sessions yielded innovative ideas for enhanced user engagement and data exploration. User personas unveiled distinct user types, forming the basis for tailored user experiences. A clean, modern design with a harmonious color palette and intuitive icons effectively communicates EasyVistia's identity.

EasyVistia dashboard
EasyVistia dashboard graphs
EasyVistia dashboard add time
EasyVistia user activity
EasyVistia user activity options


In the EasyVistia project, collaborative efforts have significantly improved user experience, brand identity, and market positioning. Research and design efforts have resulted in a 15% increase in user engagement, 10% improvement in satisfaction scores, 18% increase in trial-to-paid conversions, and a 25% growth in renewals.

There has also been a 25% increase in revenue from subscriptions and a 5% market share growth. EasyVistia's redesign has solidified its position as a trailblazing player in the data analytics landscape.

Brand Identity

Enhanced Brand Identity 

A big part of a company's success is its visual identity and how it communicates its values to its customers. Gone are the days when you could get customers by just having a good product. Today's users are equally interested in visual design as they are in what they're getting for their money. By focusing on a complex structure of a variety of factors, such as the logo, typography, colors, and copywriting, we established a whole new branding language for their company. 

EasyVistia billboard
EasyVistia merch bag
EasyVistia flag
EasyVistia business cards

Marketing Design

Our initial task to revamp EasyVistia's app evolved into a reimagining of their complete brand identity and communication strategy. We ventured beyond digital transformation, creating an array of stationery designs which blend their digital presence with tangible print material.

We fostered close collaboration during this phase with the EasyVistia marketing team, engaging in weekly brainstorming sessions. These regular interactions offered invaluable insights into their desired brand positioning and marketing strategy. EasyVistia wanted a visual identity which would serve as a mirror to their product's core attributes: uncluttered, straightforward, and efficient. They wanted their visual identity to be a direct reflection of their product - clean, intuitive, and high-performing.

EasyVistia instagram post
EasyVistia booklet
EasyVistia brochure

The idea behind the logo design was inspired by the concept of interlocking widgets, the primary component underpinning all dashboards. The more you can customize these components to fit your needs, the better. We opted for a stylized version of this function to hint at the large range of possibilities which EasyVistia offers its users. The modern gradient background served to enhance the atmosphere of innovation and versatility we aimed to evoke.

We provided EasyVistia with a comprehensive brand guide, prototype designs, and examples of how to use their new brand assets. We firmly believe that a detailed brand guide plays a vital role in maintaining a structured company image. Not only does it set the standard for brand consistency, but it also contributes significantly to fostering customer loyalty, as it demonstrates a company's dedication to maintaining a coherent and professional brand identity.

Landing Page Design

Finally, we designed a visually-appealing landing page which effortlessly directs users to the app.

EasyVistia desktop landing page
EasyVistia mobile landing page

Tenscope were a joy to work with: fast, flexible and really positive. Being a fully staffed team, they are able to handle multiple requirements in parallel without problems. Each team member at Tenscope provides us with new insights and ideas for our products that help make it better.

Jeff Lewis
Founder & CEO

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