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Driving Digital Transformation: Rockwell Automation's leap forward with transformed comms 

Rockwell case study


Rockwell Automation is a Fortune 500 company and global leader in industrial automation and information technology. Their Americas division was in the process of accelerating their transition to digital products and services and requested assistance with their communication campaign.


We played a key role in their digital transformation journey, helping them create compelling corporate communication materials to enable a clearer, stronger narrative to emerge.


Our collaboration not only facilitated seamless communication of their digital shift, but also helped foster an enhanced perception of this groundbreaking campaign among stakeholders. This resulted in strengthened relationships and deeper stakeholder engagement, underlining the power of strategic communication in driving successful digital transformation.


  • Rockwell Automation is a Fortune 500 company and global leader in industrial automation and information technology.
  • Established in 1903, Rockwell Automation boasts a rich history of more than a century in the automation industry.
  • Rockwell Automation employs approximately 26,000 people and has customers in more than 100 countries worldwide.
  • In 2022, Rockwell Automation reported revenues of approximately $7.8 billion.


Communicating digital transformation 
  • To convey the company's message of digital transformation effectively to the target audience, including employees, stakeholders, and clients.
  • To develop concepts for ads and create a graphical output that was visually appealing and in line with the company's brand and visual direction.
  • To create consistent and effective visual materials for both internal and external use.
  • To showcase the company's expertise in the automation market through the use of appropriate visuals and messaging.
  • To establish the company as a leader in industrial automation by positioning them as a modern and digitally-savvy company.
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Working with a well-established brand like Rockwell Automation was an exciting opportunity. Our main focus for this project was to ensure clarity and coherence in the visuals, as we recognized the need to communicate their digital transformation initiative effectively.

Jovan Babovic
Design Director

A titan in the industrial automation realm, Rockwell Automation, with a workforce spanning continents, has held a prominent position since its inception in 1903. Over the past century, they've garnered unparalleled expertise in automation, adapting and evolving with every industry shift. With the digital era, it was paramount for Rockwell Automation to accelerate their digital transformation, ensuring they remain at the forefront of innovation while continuing to deliver optimal services to their clients.

However, merely integrating state-of-the-art technologies is only part of the equation. Successful companies must also effectively articulate their digital transformation journeys to a diverse array of stakeholders, ranging from employees to clients and suppliers. This is where the power of masterfully designed marketing campaigns and presentations comes into play.


Companies embarking on a digital transformation journey often collaborate with design agencies to ensure that their marketing materials remain true to their brand identity while succinctly conveying their message to the intended audience. A well-executed campaign not only fortifies the company's reputation but also enhances its market positioning.

Recognizing the importance of this communication, Rockwell Automation worked with Tenscope alongside a partner creative agency with the critical task of designing a marketing campaign which would encapsulate the company's digital transformation, translating its new opportunities and processes into a language that would resonate with their team members, stakeholders, and clients.


The design for this industrial automation company is both bold and sophisticated. The use of a bright red and orange gradient adds an energetic and modern touch, while the octagonal shapes provide a sense of structure and precision. The overall effect is one of innovation, efficiency, and forward-thinking, making it clear that this company is at the forefront of the industry. 

Rockwell OOH branding
Rockwell Ad

The design combines the key elements of Rockwell Automation's brand message: tech, innovation, and future. Visually, this translates into octagonal shapes, geometric industrial imagery, and futuristic tech photography. Dynamic red and orange gradient ties it all together and broadcasts a resounding message: we are the force that is forging the future. 

Rockwell billboard

The carefully selected imagery mirrors the wide range of products that Rockwell Automation works with. Stark black and white industrial compositions form a dramatic counterpoint to the vibrant, almost abstract images depicting a high-tech future. These photographs, interwoven into the design, encapsulate the company's expertise in the automation sector. 

Rockwell flyer
Rockwell truck advertisment


Rockwell presentation

A core part of our design strategy included devising presentations for internal use, functioning as a conduit for Rockwell Automation's digital transformation journey to their employees and stakeholders. We ensured these presentations incorporated compelling visuals and strategic messaging, effectively decoding the company's transformative process for its internal audience.

Video Production

Our collaboration extended to working closely with the creative agency to formulate a concept for a video that would offer a cinematic representation of the company's digital transformation narrative. This venture involved crafting a storyboard and safeguarding that the messaging and visuals echoed the overarching campaign theme. 

This collaboration ensured that our visual communication strategies and messaging resonated with the client's vision. It ensured the campaign conveyed the company's digital transformation journey, aligning with the client's aspirations and the stakeholders' expectations. 


Tenscope, in a powerful triad with the creative agency and marketing team, orchestrated a compelling marketing campaign which unveiled the company's digital evolution journey.

The marketing campaign enhanced Rockwell Automation's communication approach with clients and suppliers, framing it as an advanced, digitally-fluent enterprise within the industrial automation market. The campaign adeptly narrated the company's digital metamorphosis to both internal and external stakeholders, consolidating its stance as a trailblazer in the industry.

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We approached the project by first understanding the essence of their campaign, then translating it into easily digestible visual materials. We made sure that every design element was purposeful and contributed to the overall understanding of their initiative. I'm pleased to say that our design strategy played a key role in enhancing stakeholder perception of the campaign, making it a successful collaboration.

Zarko Piljic
Graphic Designer

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