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Picture Perfect Procurement: Enriching Planergy's visual content strategy for spend software 

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Our collaboration with Planergy, a leader in procurement and financial process automation software, focused on amplifying their content strategy through impactful design.


We delivered a comprehensive set of graphics and an expansive collection of icons, serving to vividly illustrate their marketing materials and enrich their blog visuals.


This project highlighted the broad functionality of Planergy's spend software, further enhancing their brand positioning and product understanding among their target audience.


  • Planergy is global spend management platform aimed at mid-market businesses.
  • Headquartered in Boston and Dublin, it has offices in the UK, Serbia and Poland.
  • It helps more than 1,000 businesses globally process over $12 billion in business spend.
  • AP-automation saves up to 80% of the time required to enter and 3-way match purchase orders.


Up-scaling visuals for effective content strategy 
  • To illustrate marketing materials with unique, captivating graphics.
  • To develop a comprehensive set of icons for use across Planergy's platforms.
  • To support and enhance their content strategy with thoughtful design.
  • To create compelling blog visuals that resonate with Planergy's audience.
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We understood the critical role that clear, intuitive visuals would play in translating complex spend software functionalities into accessible content for Planergy's diverse user base.

Ognjen Milutinovic
Graphic Designer


Our approach to the Planergy project was rooted in a deep understanding of their specialized niche in procurement and financial process automation. We started by familiarizing ourselves with their software's capabilities, target users, and the messaging of their marketing materials. This allowed us to generate graphics and icons that not only resonated with their brand ethos but also amplified their content strategy.

We worked closely with Planergy's team, moving from initial sketches to final renditions through a process of continuous refinement and feedback. We crafted a set of marketing materials, blog graphics, and an extensive set of icons, each carefully designed to capture and communicate the breadth and functionality of their spend software. The focus was on clarity, simplicity, and consistency across all visual elements to provide a seamless user experience.


Our collaboration with Planergy was multifaceted, involving the creation of a large range of custom icons, assembling these into an accessible icon library, and crafting engaging marketing presentations and webinars. 

Custom Icons

Understanding the need for unique visual cues in Planergy's software, we started by creating a suite of 400 custom icons. Each icon was meticulously designed to encapsulate specific features, functionalities, or processes within Planergy's platform. We ensured that every icon was intuitive, easy to recognize, and visually appealing.

The icon design process involved various stages, including ideation, sketching, refining, and finalizing, with continuous input from Planergy's team to ensure each icon accurately represented its function.

Planergy accounting icons

Compiling icon library

After crafting these icons, the next phase was to compile them into a structured icon library. This library served as a cohesive visual toolkit for Planergy's software, making it easier for their team to use the icons across different interfaces and communication channels. The library was organized and searchable, allowing for quick access and efficient use of the icons.

Planergy accounting icon library

Marketing presentations

Besides iconography, we were also involved in creating dynamic marketing presentations. These were designed to showcase the features and benefits of Planergy's spend software, and to engage with their existing and potential users. Each presentation was carefully crafted with clear messaging, compelling graphics, and an emphasis on the value Planergy's platform provides.

Our webinar was designed to be interactive, visually appealing, and educational, aimed at driving deeper engagement and fostering a stronger understanding of Planergy's solutions among users and prospects.

Planergy PPT slide design

Brand Guidelines

Finally, we documented a set of comprehensive brand guidelines. The guidelines were shaped with a keen attention to detail and are built around several key components, encompassing a distinctive color palette, carefully selected typography, and logo usage protocols. In addition, we incorporated illustrative examples to serve as practical references, demonstrating the correct application of our branding elements. Altogether, these guidelines ensure visual consistency and clarity across all marketing materials and touchpoints.

Planergy brand guidelines


The result was a visually cohesive and resonant brand language which effectively supports Planergy's content strategy. The newly crafted graphics and icons brought a fresh, engaging, and identifiable look. The graphics not only enhanced their marketing materials but also made their blog more visually appealing, leading to increased user engagement.

Furthermore, the iconography we developed encapsulated the extensive functionality of Planergy's software, making it easier for users to understand and navigate. The project has effectively positioned Planergy as a modern, user-friendly, and forward-thinking spend software provider in the financial process automation industry.

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The creation of an extensive set of icons and graphics wasn't just about aesthetic appeal, but about forging a connection between users and Planergy's innovative solutions. Each icon was thoughtfully designed, keeping in mind its interpretability, scalability, and how it fits within the overall visual narrative.

Jovan Babovic
Design Director

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