December 5, 2023
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The #1 customer journey and data platform.

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Key takeaways

Simple process

They’ve decided just to grab the main info from the users and guide them to the app as fast as possible, where they would be given the option to continue with onboarding if they would like to. It basically has only 2 steps.

But when you enter the app you are presented with onboarding checklist, that helps you onboard in a very streamlined way.

Progress indicator

There is no specific progress indicator here. There are only two steps here but still, users don’t know that when they start the onboarding. Letting them know would be beneficial.

Long form

Sometimes long forms are split into a couple of steps for reduced cognitive load. In this case, ortto decided to have it all in one. Which does function because there is not a lot of info you have to add.

One thing to note with these forms, make sure to have marked important inputs that need to be filled. Also, until the user is able to advance forward, don’t display the button as active.

Day 1
Email 1
Day 2
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