December 5, 2023
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We’re a visual workspace for innovation, built for distributed teams of any size.

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Key takeaways

Visual hierarchy

Clear CTA’s and typography hierarchy. Also, Miro provides you with suggestive information in a very subtle way. What I mean by this is this simple message “Keep work and life separated by using your work email”.

If haven’t considered using work email this will for sure make you rethink your decision.

Process and Progress indicator

All clear and straightforward. Users know how many steps they have in the process, so there is a bigger chance that they will continue on with the onboarding.


Miro’s onboarding is very engaging, especially at the end where you can already start making decisions even before you enter the app. Even though this is a great approach, sometimes first time users might not know that early what they want, especially with an app such as Miro.

Takeaway, more is not always better, so try to understand wether a feature can actually be beneficial for your user or is there because you find it interesting.

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