November 29, 2023
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Attio is the CRM of the future: data-driven, completely customizable and intuitively collaborative.

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Key takeaways

Clear communication

For each request or question they ask users are presented with an explanation of why that is needed. This approach reassures users to continue with the onboarding process.

Also, copy makes sure to reduce the anticipation of new users by providing them with a right copy at the right time. Like this one below ⤵︎︎

Takeaway, explain to users whatever you can.

Progress indicator

Subtle but does the purpose of telling me exactly where I am in the process.


The whole process is based on users having hands-on experience with how to set up their app. What do I mean by that? Through the whole process, you are prompted with inputs and selections that actually are used to set up workspace.

For example here, you enter your name and you receive immediate feedback ⤵:

Or, this one ⤵:

Email 1
Day 2
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