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SynFutures Logo

Branding Blockchain Brilliance: Sculpting a bold identity for SynFutures, a blockchain innovator 

SynFutures case study
Crypto, Fintech


When SynFutures, an innovative force reshaping the future of financial markets with its blockchain derivatives platform, approached us, they were looking for more than just a logo design. They sought a brand identity that could capture their revolutionary spirit and make a bold impression in the rapidly evolving blockchain space. 


The outcome was a distinctive visual identity which resonates with SynFutures' ethos and communicates their mission to a wider audience, including brand guidelines, logo design, color palette, social media templates and marketing materials. 


Our collaborative creative journey culminated in a singular identity which emphatically echoes SynFutures' disruptive force within the financial market landscape. Unlike rivals, their branding boldly reflects a revolutionary approach to transforming financial markets via blockchain technology. Their vibrant brand echoes their trailblazing vision.


  • SynFutures is a derivatives DEX that enables the permissionless listing and trading of any crypto asset.
  • It is among the top three most actively used decentralized derivatives exchanges.
  • Founded in 2020, it has processed more than $10bn in total trading volumes.
  • It has raised $15.4m in funding from investors including Pantera Capital, Polychain Capital, SIG, and Dragonfly Capital.


Brand identity for a blockchain disruptor 
  • To build a strong brand identity for SynFutures that aligns with their mission.
  • Ensure brand resonance with SynFutures' role as a disruptor in financial markets.
  • To encapsulate SynFutures' ethos of democratizing access to global assets.
  • To create a visual identity that positions SynFutures as a leader in the blockchain space.
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The bold branding was critical in distinguishing SynFutures from their competitors, symbolizing their disruptive status in the world of decentralized exchanges. We wanted to represent their mission to democratize access to global assets, and through careful design and color choices, we achieved a brand identity that stands out and truly embodies the spirit of innovation that defines SynFutures.

Jovan Babovic
Design Director


Our adventure started with a deep dive into the heart of SynFutures. We explored their unique proposition, mission, and the audiences they aimed to reach. This immersive process allowed us to mirror their ambitious spirit and trailblazing approach in the brand identity.


Market trends and dynamics are crucial touchstones in our design process. So, we embarked on a meticulous market research mission, delving into the pulse of the blockchain derivatives sector. This gave us invaluable insights and the inspiration needed to create a brand identity that would resonate within the industry.

Keeping an eye on the competition, we analysed their logos and branding, evaluating their strengths and spotting opportunities for SynFutures to shine. This competitive analysis was vital in positioning SynFutures as a disruptor rather than just another player in the space.

As we navigated through symbols, color schemes, and typography, we generated a torrent of ideas that could potentially embody SynFutures. But we didn't stop there. We traversed the realm of colors, picking a palette that would stir the right emotions, aligning with SynFutures' audacious mission.

SynFutures logo branding process

Once we had a cache of powerful and effective concepts, we began crafting the brand identity. Each design was a unique interpretation of SynFutures' ground-breaking approach, waiting to tell its story. 

SynFutures brandbook

However, seeing is believing. We placed our symbols onto mock-up websites and business cards, enabling us to gauge their real-world impact. This exercise breathed life into our concepts, bringing us one step closer to the final design. 

SynFutures color guide
SynFutures brand showcase

Our client's input is the compass guiding our creative journey. We presented the designs to SynFutures, inviting their feedback, which played a crucial role in refining the designs.

SynFutures atm card SynFutures business card

Through this iterative process, we zeroed in on the final brand identity, a testament to SynFutures as a trailblazer in financial markets. This design was not merely a logo; it was a badge of honor for a disruptive force.

SynFutures branding


The result of this collaborative project was a compelling and striking brand identity that succinctly communicated SynFutures' disruptive role in the blockchain derivatives industry. In contrast to their competitors, SynFutures' identity now stands as a bold testament to their revolutionary approach, reshaping the future of financial markets through blockchain technology.

This fresh, vibrant branding confidently trumpets SynFutures' bold vision of reshaping the financial landscape through their trailblazing platform.

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Given their revolutionary approach in the blockchain space, it was essential for us to capture that spirit of innovation and disruption in the brand identity. We selected symbols that could translate seamlessly across different platforms - from websites to marketing collateral, ensuring they stood out among competitors. The final identity confidently illustrates SynFutures as a game-changer, poised to redefine the future of financial markets.

Ognjen Milutinovic
Brand Designer

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